Future Liverpool

Future Liverpool

A group of us made paper models of buildings in Liverpool. I chose Chelsea Girl, a long gone clothes shop in Church Street, where, as newly working teenagers, we bought clothes every Saturday, after receiving our wages on the Friday!

As my model didn’t turn out too well, I made a new one of the old Everton Toffee Shop – House to fit in with the Everton area, as some of our group had already done.

The Everton Toffee Shop.

Everton Toffee Shop

The image below is the Everton Lock Up, made by Irene and Sylvia.


Great day last Monday 27th November 20171127_145743with Neil & Laura. Some architectural masterpiece’s on display.



NorsemanGreat day last week on the Mersey Ferries with Liz & Gang.

Blue Cloud

Rachel,s weather  prediction machine  Workshops.

kennys photo

Rachel Jacobs also created a prediction machine, she was first here 2 years ago when  she  conducted  several  projects whhich were very  interesting  l did partake  on the prediction machine and  still have the prediction  card

Our work with Fact.



IMG_20170731_155548We have spent an interesting couple of weeks with Neil  Rachel and Aimee.we have been introduced to the Arduino system and prediction machines.We made a weather station and managed to to box it in  using card and gaffer tape.we also raised the issue of climate changes and how our future will be affected.This is a picture of our boxed in machine.