Great day last Monday 27th November 20171127_145743with Neil & Laura. Some architectural masterpiece’s on display.



NorsemanGreat day last week on the Mersey Ferries with Liz & Gang.

Blue Cloud

Rachel,s weather  prediction machine  Workshops.

kennys photo

Rachel Jacobs also created a prediction machine, she was first here 2 years ago when  she  conducted  several  projects whhich were very  interesting  l did partake  on the prediction machine and  still have the prediction  card

Our work with Fact.



IMG_20170731_155548We have spent an interesting couple of weeks with Neil  Rachel and Aimee.we have been introduced to the Arduino system and prediction machines.We made a weather station and managed to to box it in  using card and gaffer tape.we also raised the issue of climate changes and how our future will be affected.This is a picture of our boxed in machine.


The Arduino story that we have been doing in Fact

I have been coming to Fact every Monday with some lovely people for a few years now and I have been doing some wonderful things I have been in a old film a true story from 18 84 it was Brilliant I have done some dancing some Green scenes get some singing in the Bramble more pub all so I have been in the Gallery and doing the Arduine work shop all so Prediction Machine and I think it’s all been Brilliant .