Future liverpool


last year we  saw the Aleppo village made by a young boy out of card. He made it to show his younger brother how nice the buildings looked before They were wrecked by war.   We decided to recreate our own images from our memories of buildings from our past, we then took  photographs of the image from all angles and uploaded to  computer in 3D image, we made maps and put our building on.



bold street


Hi my name is begs…. I first started coming to the fact in December 16 when I met Sylvia at the Everton history group and she asked me to come along with her

I have enjoyed coming to the meetings especially the history of bold street.  looking up to the Windows above the shops and seeing  the different styles from the times the buildings  were added.  I came to bold street a lot when I was young but never took much notice of the buildings I assumed it was all built at the same time more or less, I was suprised to find that some were built as dwellings.  When I was younger bold street was seen as a posh street then it went a bit scruffy now bold street is very interesting with lots of different shops.