The Aleppo Project

I enjoyed learning about the Aleppo project and trying to recreate some of the models in our own way, then by using camera’s and computers we transferred the finished work on to the computer to show the work in photogrammetry.

I also enjoyed interviewing other members of the group who gave their views on Aleppo and discussed the parts of Liverpool that they had made into models, a few of the group had made additions to their models to make the project more interesting.  It was interesting to hear their views and I felt that I learnt more about their ideas and and how they felt about the group and learning new technology,  interviewing gives you the chance to listen and take in others people views and is a good way of probing others to bring out their personalities.

Its really interesting to learn about different forms of art and artists and the tutors of the group are very patient in explaining how we go about it.   It has given me more insight into the world around us and I was also really impressed by the young boy who took on the original project in Aleppo and hope he is given some help and guidance to use his skills in his adult life.

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