How to tweak your wordpress site info and theme

How to tweak your wordpress site info and theme


This guide will show you how to set up the basic info for your Worppress site and how to change the theme.


In the Dashboard click on ‘appearance’


This will take you to the Themes page. Themes are the design layer of your website, they are a bit like the clothes of your site. The underlying content, the images and text and the menus that youuse to organise the site might staythe same, but themes can present that content to the user in very different ways.

Yur current theme is always at the top left of this page.

You can try on different themes, or even swap to use a new theme permanantly using this page. Differrent themes will give yur site a very different look and feel, the beest thing to do is to try different themes on.

If yu want to keep the theme you have but twek it & add basic information abut your site, then click on the blue ‘customise’ button on your current theme.



This opens up a new menu, that allows you to tweak some of the features of your current theme.



Click on Site Identity to rename your site and give it a tagline, this is what people will see at the top of your site most of the time & be the first thing they see when they land.

You can also upload a new background image for the headline of your site, which is known as a header image.


Click on Fonts to change which font your site uses.

Click on colours to change the background colour scheme.



If you have made changes that you want to save, click on the blue ‘Save & Publish’ button.

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